Programming and Game Development
If you have a passion for computers, coding, gadgets or learning new technologies, IT is for you!  The Game Development Program is where students will gain knowledge in the essentials of information technology with an emphasis in Game Programming and  Web Development, and they will have the opportunity to graduate with certifications that can be applied immediately to their career of choice.  Students in our Game Development program will garner certifications in Adobe Photoshop, CCENT, IT Essentials, A+ Hardware, and more!

Students Will Learn:
  • Game Development
  • Programming Languages and Game Engines
  • Create Playable games using:
    • The Game Factory2
    • Java
    •  Python
    • Unity & Unreal

Benefits of Programming and Game Development include:
  • Industry Certifications
  • Participating in Capstone Projects
  • Gaming Competitions
  • Job Shadowing
  • Paid Summer Internships