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SRO - LSC Discussion and Vote

Xổ số chủ nhậtThe Roosevelt Local School Council will vote on the question of whether to retain SROs on Tuesday, August 11th. This is a public meeting and interested families can join us online at this website on 8/11/20 at 10:00 am. A link to this meeting will be posted soon.

Dear Community Members of Roosevelt High School

As you have likely heard and seen in the news and talking with friends and family members, there are many different viewpoints about the role of police officers in our community and in our schools, and how well our police officers are serving in these roles.

Currently the Chicago Public Schools has a contract with the Chicago Police Department to provide school-based resource officers (SROs). This is offered at no cost to the individual school, although the program does use Chicago Public Schools district budget funds.

At Roosevelt High School, we have two officers who are at school on a daily basis. There are occasions when they have needed to enforce school policy and the law, including: possession of illegal substances at school, threats to students, and student conflicts. They have needed to engage community members not at school, such as people who have made threats to students or families, or if a student is not at school without parent knowledge of their location. They also participate in daily dismissal to monitor our students and possible interactions with others, outside the school at the end of the day.

There are some people (families at Roosevelt and across all of the Chicago Public Schools and city of Chicago) who feel police officers are critically important for school safety, and support their role as school-based officers. These people are in favor of Chicago Public Schools continuing the contract with the Chicago Police Department.

There are some people who do not feel it is appropriate for police officers to be located within schools. These people have voiced their concerns that schools should be able to keep their students safe, and that the inclusion of police officers promotes students feeling unsafe because of the anxiety police officers can create for some, and that this can lead to students being arrested, and students having a criminal record.

It has been decided that each Chicago Public School Local School Council will conduct a vote in the month of August, 2020, to decide for their school whether they will have SROs (police officers in school), or not.

The Roosevelt Local School Council will vote on Tuesday, August 11th. This is a public meeting and interested families can join us online at this website on 8/11/20 at 10:00 am.
To help inform the Roosevelt Local School Council decision, our LSC is planning the following opportunities for people to share their thoughts about the issue of SROs in schools, and specifically, at Roosevelt HS.

1) Surveys out to a) parents, b) students, c) teachers and staff and d) community members. We hope you please take the short survey and share your thoughts.

2) An online Townhall for Roosevelt and Community members, to be held on Tuesday, August 4th, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. This will be online, and the link to it will be forthcoming soon. Also available on our web site.

3) The LSC vote will be held on Tuesday, August 11th and this is a public meeting, with public participation available. Sign-up to address the LSC at this meeting for this will be held the day of the LSC meeting.


Thank-you for your thoughtful feedback as we seek to make this and other critical decisions in support of our students and families in these challenging times.